Types of dog leashes: Choosing the best leash for your adventurous dog

Luna, the adventure dog at Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim, Washington

Oh, hello there, fellow dog parents.

Today, our topic at hand is how to choose the best leash for your dog—specifically, with a focus on dogs who love exploring the great outdoors.

With so many types of dog leashes out there, it can be difficult trying to pick the right one for your four-legged pal. 

But fear not friends, below we’ll narrow down some popular dog leash options to help you make an informed choice (it’s the leashed we can do… ).

What to consider when picking a leash

First things first, there are a couple of main things about your dog you’ll want to consider when choosing a leash. We’ll list those out here:


For doggos keen on adventuring in the ruff outdoor terrain, waterproof and odor-resistant leashes should be at the top of your list. 

On the other hand, if you and your dog live in the urban jungle, a short and reflective leash should be considered to keep them safe in the bustling streets both day and night. 

Whether they’re on the trail or a city intersection, you’re going to want a durable dog leash that has a traffic handle for control.

Waterproof Dog leashes from PupupsUSA.com


Basically, bigger dogs need stronger leashes. So, if your dog is just shy of Hulk status, make sure to get them a thick leash that’s made of a more durable material with sturdy hardware. 


Puppies and dogs still in training also need leashes that are a bit sturdier since they tend to pull on the leash more. 

Of course, your dog is unique, so their leash should fit their unique needs! Above all, you’ll want a leash that keeps ‘em safe and comfortable.

Let’s go over some types of dog leashes you’ll come across, and which ones are best for exploring. 

The Basic Leash

A basic dog leash will serve your dog’s basic, everyday needs. 

They typically come in nylon but are sometimes made of leather, cotton, chain, or rope as well. These have a simple looped handle on one end and a metal attachment to clip to your pup’s collar on the other end. 

For pups still in training or dogs who are quite satisfied with simple walks ‘round the block, the basic leash is a good option but might not be well-suited for needs past that.

The Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes are a popular option for the outdoors since they allow dogs the freedom to roam further. In fact, they often go up 26 feet and can lock at any length. 

But while they’re still a common choice, they can actually be dangerous by making it harder to control your dog when it’s pertinent to do so, and your dog can get entangled in the cord. 

Because of this, it might be best to avoid these for outdoor explorations where controlling your pup at a moment’s notice is important to keep them safe. 

The Waterproof Leash

Waterproof leashes are a particularly pawsome option for adventuresome dogs. A great waterproof leash is made to resist not just wetness but the dirt and odors that tend to come with a day outdoors too. 

The Pupups Waterproof Leash is—if we may say so ourselves—one of the best waterproof leashes out there (and not to mention, very stylish, too). 

This leash is not just waterproof but mud and stink-free too. Plus, it’s great for control and safety, featuring a traffic handle and durable stainless steel hardware. 

The Bungee Leash

As the name suggests, the bungee leash is made of a stretchy, bungee-like material that allows dogs to comfortably roam further.

While it’s one of the best dog leashes for hiking and other outdoor activities due to its flexibility and shock-absorption, it’s also worth considering that it provides less control and actually encourages your daring (and adorable) dog to pull. 

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There are a couple of different things to consider about your dog when choosing the best leash for them, like their lifestyle, age, and size. 

In particular, when choosing a leash for you and your dog’s outdoor excursions together, it’s a great idea to pick one that’s actually suited for the outdoors. 

At the end of the day, the best leash will help keep them happy, safe, and comfortable, whether in their daily life or on a grand adventure. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt if their leash looks cute, too.

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