Fabulous Holiday Gifts for Fido and Friends 2021

It’s time to put on your Santa cap and start thinking about the best gifts for you and your adventure pals! At Pupups, we’re all about the joy of adventure and the loved ones that adventure with us, whether they have two feet or four paws. We’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite gift ideas for anyone who likes to travel or adventure with doggos. Read on to find gifts that are destined to become all-time faves with all your besties, furry or not!

Fashionable Dog Gifts

If your dog is like our dogs, they love to dress up a bit on occasion. After all, it can’t be about hiking or kayaking every day of the week. There are many companies out there making dog clothes and bandanas, but we think these are the best! A few of our favorites for everything from Hawaiian luau shirts to doggie bandanas include:


Check out their impressive collections of bandanas and bow ties, then invest in a matching headband for yourself. Is there anything cuter than dressing up in matching outfits for Christmas? Their Happy Pawlidays collection is sure to make you and your canine companion the belles of the ball. 


Isle Style Pets

Catch the wave of island fashion for your dog at Isle Style Pets. These handmade canine clothes focus on aloha style, offering sundresses and Hawaiian-style shirts for dogs of all sizes. You can even order couture fashion in a specific fabric or pattern if you want your dog to look laid-back yet one-of-a-kind. Fun fact, the owners pup was one of the very first Doggie models Pupups had in Hawaii, and the photos are favorites still!


We can’t resist tooting our own horn a bit. Your adventure pup will love the comfort and security of our dog collars and leashes. You’ll love that they’re waterproof and constructed to hold up through years of hikes, swims, and explorations. Stylish Practicality for your hound with a social mission, providing collars to shelters with every purchase.

Bark Box

If you haven’t heard of Bark Box, we aren’t sure where you’ve been hiding. These subscription gift boxes for dogs are chock-full of treats, toys, and chews sent to your doorstep every month. Dogs love them so much they might even learn to love the UPS guy!

Fi Dogs

What’s a Fi Dog? A Fi Dog is a tech-savvy canine who uses the latest technologies to stay healthy and out of trouble. If you have a dog with health issues or an escape artist who loves to bolt out the door, Fi Dog offers the perfect pet gifts to make life saner for both of you. A Fi Dog collar tracks movements on GPS and monitors sleep patterns for better health. There’s also a Fi Dog community with the phone app to give you news and information about your dog’s breed.  Mitzie and Bettie, the studio pups here at Pupups are currently ranked #3 and #5 for bulldogs, and that’s pretty amusing to me!

LUE Outdoors

Do all your shopping for adventure pals in one place! LUE Outdoors carries a multitude of awesome gift ideas for both dogs and humans, all focused on adding another dimension to your adventures. Whether you’re looking for snowboarding gear, a leash, or the perfect hiking socks, you’ll find what you’re looking for at LUE Outdoors. Pupups gives LUE Outdoors props for also featuring businesses that give back in various ways. 

Garage Grown Gear

Shop here for inventive gifts for your favorite outdoor adventurer of any species. We give Garage Grown Gear bonus points for carrying products from over 80 cottage and start-up businesses that love the environment. You’ll find everything from collapsible dog bowls to vegan trail foods, as well as incredible clothing designed to enhance your outdoor experiences while protecting you from the sun. 10/10, and I think the owners are pretty darn rad, too! 

Kula Cloth

The Kula Cloth is a true game-changer for outdoor hygiene for the ladies on your Christmas gift list. Which one of us hasn’t had to deal with squatting in the woods, trying to drip dry, and ending up with a few unpleasant drips on our clothes? Kula Cloths offer the solution we’ve been looking for – a hygienic, easy-care, practical solution to the outdoor potty dilemma for those of us who can’t just stand up and aim. Check out the fantastic artwork on Kula Cloths as well, all by amazing artists. I will also let you in on a little secret here, watching Anastasia dance daily on the IG is what is keeping me young. Also if you DM Mare a meme that makes her laugh out loud, there might be a shoutout in store for you. 

Honestly just look at Lu, the 3 legged pup in the Pupups logo, the cutest!

Sweetpea and Boy 

Sweetpea and Boy stocks scrumptious hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, and caps with a distinct flair for all things Pacific Northwest. Their comfy, roomy sweatshirts and stylish tee-shirts feel lived-in the first time you slip one on and stand up to whatever you’re into. Every item is made in Washington state, keeping things local. I personally own two of these awesome sweatshirts, and they don’t shrink and look even better with age. Amazing! For UW alumni, they have the world’s cutest Husky sweatshirt!

Bark ‘N Threads

This too rad for words California based company is here to celebrate all things dogs with you! Makers of fine hand crafted bandanas and hair accessories, this company is full of heart.  My pups especially enjoy the colorful fabrics, and realllllly enjoy all the attention they get on walks because of these conversation starting pieces! 

The adorable mascot and resident cutie at Bark ‘n Threads!

Accommodations for Pets and Families

Thinking a bit outside the box, consider the gift of dog boarding or a pet-friendly hotel stay for friends or family. 

Comfortabull offers personalized, individual attention exclusively for bulldogs. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Comfortabull is worth driving a bit farther if a kennel simply won’t do for your cherished bulldog. One-on-one attention, in-house sleeping (with the owners!), spa like bubble baths, and more are offered at this luxurious, bulldog-centric in-home boarding and daycare. They book up fast, as they only accept a few dogs at a time to keep it exclusive and focused on your baby, so make reservations in advance.

Look at Mitzie at the dinner table at Comfortabull, doesn’t get better than this! 

Adrift Hotel in Longbeach, WA-offers stunning views of the Pacific, a full-service spa, restaurant, organic treats, and access to pristine beaches along with dog-friendly rooms. This is the place to unwind and explore by paddleboard or bike with your best friends of any species. LGBTQ friendly, dog friendly, environmentally friendly – what’s not to love at the Adrift Hotel? Ps. They have the BEST pool, it is seriously toasty warm, and there is a gnome like sauna that makes me swoon!

PRIDE month at Adrift is super special and joyful!

All of the businesses in this year’s Holiday Shopping Guide are U.S.-based, ethical, and focused on ensuring a better future for our world, in addition to offering absolutely rockin’ products for you and your dog. Go forth and SHOP! Happy Holidays!

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