Which Pupups Collar and Leash is Right for Your Dog This Christmas?

There’s no better time of year to give your four-legged bestie a stylish new collar and leash. At Pupups, all our dog accessories are designed to be comfortable, long-lasting, and waterproof, so you can go anywhere and do (almost) anything with your pets. Quality is a given, durability is a given, comfort is a given, which leads to only one fundamental question – what style waterproof collar should you buy?

Jubilee Collar and Leash

This gorgeous purple dog collar is ideal for the diva dog. It’s the color preferred by royalty and embellished all around with a pattern of precious gemstones, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. 

Dog collar jewelry is all the rage these days (you can find lots of styles if you search for “diamond dog collar” online), but unless your king or queen simply sits around waiting for a photoshoot or the chance to bark at the servants, collars studded with gems are uncomfortable and impractical. The Jubilee waterproof collar and leash give you all the bling on a collar that’s comfy to wear every day, even when your diva decides to take a quick swim or go rolling in the mud (hey, we all have those kinds of days).

Starry Mountain Dog Leash and Collar

Whether you have a cabin in the mountains, love to go hiking in the wilderness, or simply admire a stunning view at night, our starry mountain dog collar and leash set captures that love of natural beauty and adventure. Our starry mountain dog collar evokes serenity, adventure, and joy.

A blue dog collar is one of the most popular choices on the market, but we’ve kicked it up several notches by choosing a rich, cobalt blue, then decorating it with a magical scene of snow-capped mountains under a starry sky. Take a closer look at our unique dog collar, and you’ll discover a few shooting stars flaring across the blue night sky. Perhaps your canine companion can wish upon a falling star and get his wish this holiday season!

Gnomes Dog Collar Set

You can choose a waterproof dog leash and collar, or you can opt for something more whimsical for your pet. OR…you can give your dog our gnomes dog collar and leash set! It’s practical, easy to clean, never absorbs odors or mess, and is decorated with a row of charming garden gnomes in their traditional, bright red caps. Whimsical touches include bearded gnomes, little girl gnomes with be-ribboned braids against a fun, polka-dot background. If your dog is a bit of a goofy boy or girl, a gnomies collar is the right choice to reflect their fun personality.

We love the look of this dog collar on Frenchies, Bulldogs, and other pets who may or may not have a secret relationship with real garden gnomes. If your dog is mischievous, funny, cute, and in love with the great outdoors, they may have a touch of gnome in their soul; acknowledge it proudly with a gnomies dog collar!

Happy Camper Dog Collar

This buffalo plaid dog collar and leash will look awesome on your rugged individualist dog or hipster pup. The oversized black and red plaid is the canine equivalent of your favorite flannel shirt. It’s comfortable, stylish, and laid-back. There’s no other style that says, “I’m a hiking and camping dog,” like the Happy Camper dog collar. The heavy-duty collar features a stainless steel buckle and rivets so you can take your pup into the woods or anywhere else without worrying about wear or rust. (Snowball Fetch, anyone?)

We love the Happy Camper collar and leash duo for any wintertime adventures. It’s easy to spot the bold red and black colors against snow, and it doesn’t absorb moisture, so your dog won’t have to endure wearing a soggy, heavy mess hanging around their neck while they’re frolicking in a winter wonderland. When they come inside, just a quick wipe with a dry cloth, and the collar is good to go.

Bonus Gift Included!

Any time you order a gift from Pupups, you also get this sweet poop bag holder (Yes, we went there. We said “sweet” and “poop” in the same sentence. To clarify, the bag holder is sweet, not the poop.) It clips right to your dog’s leash and dispenses one bag at a time for all those minor mishaps on trails and sidewalks. Or you can use it to tuck away a stash of training treats. It’s versatile and features our adorable Pupups logo. Now your dog is genuinely swag-a-licious for the holidays!

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