Six Family-Friendly Christmas Movies Featuring Dogs

There’s no better time to settle in for a movie marathon than at Christmas. Friends, family, and our canine besties can lounge on the sofa and soak up the joy of the holidays on the TV screen. If you’re looking for some wholesome Christmas movies the whole family will enjoy, check out these Christmas favorites that prominently feature dogs.

Charlie Brown Christmas

What’s not to love about the holiday movie that single-handedly created the modern beagle craze? Snoopy and Charlie Brown define the importance and beauty of the relationship between a boy and his dog. Throw in the charming theme of Christmas’s true meaning, and you have one of the most popular holiday movies ever. Important note: Snoopy sports a red dog collar throughout the movie, a sure sign of his excellent taste.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

An oversized Saint Bernard saves Christmas. This is an action-packed adventure revolving around Beethoven rescuing an elf who crash-landed before Christmas and finding Santa’s magic Christmas gift sack, filled with toys and gifts for good puppies around the world. You and the kids will be cheering on this lovable giant for sure, despite his knack for getting into scrapes while trying to do the right thing. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Confession time – Max is our favorite character in this Dr. Seuss classic! The long-suffering Max is a true example of the immense loyalty pets give to their humans, and we love him for it! Throughout How the Grinch Stole Christmas, his trusty friend is a tail-wagging, enthusiastic helper who loves everything and everyone. Strap on your antlers like Max, and enjoy!

Lady and the Tramp

Although Disney’s canine love story features lots of adventures, the movie’s opening and closing scenes are at Christmas time, making it a natural pick for the holidays. It also features a mixed-breed dog falling in love with a pure-breed dog, a subtle message of acceptance and unbiased love that is particularly meaningful at this time of year. We like to think Lady would proudly wear a luxe dog collar like the Jubilee, while the jaunty, adventure-loving Tramp would prefer something like our Starry Mountain collar.

Project: Puppies for Christmas

Christmas, puppies, kids, and a few modern-day miracles. This relatively recent (2019) movie will quickly become a family tradition. Two young girls who lost their mother try to convince Santa to bring them puppies for Christmas by performing good deeds. Along the way, they make friends with a curmudgeonly neighbor and transform the lives of those around them. The ending will undoubtedly bring a lump to your throat in all the best ways.

A Golden Christmas: A Tale of Puppy Love

The title of this wholesome Christmas movie refers to the puppy love that leads to adult love between two very human single parents as well as a litter of Golden Retriever puppies. Romance, happy families, puppies, and a hometown homecoming all combine in this happily-ever-after ode to finding happiness in the most unexpected ways at the holidays. Hold hands with someone you love while cozied up on the couch for this “meant for each other” Christmas story.

Why not create a new family tradition this year by binge-watching some Christmas movies featuring pets? What is your favorite family movie with dogs? We’d love to hear from you! 

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