Is Your Dog a Diva?

White French bulldog wears a red beret and has a brunch of croissants in bed. She is wearing a black and white stripe tee shirt, and is sitting on light pink bed sheets next to the platter of croissants. She is wearing a purple dog collar.
French Bulldog wearing a Beret, having a brunch of croissants at Pupups USA

All dogs enjoy attention from their humans, but some dogs kick it up to Diva status. A dog who enjoys belly rubs? Totally normal. A dog who insists on them constantly from anybody who comes within a certain radius? She’s a Diva. Divas are seen as demanding, temperamental, fashionable, and fabulous – as long as they get their way! Is your dog a diva? Ask yourself a few questions.

Does She Like to be the Center of Attention?

If your dog enjoys being fussed over, she’s not alone, but if she demands it rather than enjoying it, she might be a diva. Divas are masterful at tactics such as barking and whining when you’re on the phone or talking to someone other than them. They are jealous of their pet siblings and will try to shoulder them out of the way so they can get ALL the pats and treats. She’ll sing the song of her people over the sound of the TV.

Is She Stylish?

Some dogs don’t care about clothes and accessories, but a diva dog loves them. When your best friend loves stepping out in her newest sweater or a matching collar and leash set, she’s a diva. She’ll love our totally diva-esque Diamond Jubilee collar and matching leash. They’re the perfect way to get some bling that’s practical as well as stylish. Does she like being groomed and having her toenails painted? Yep. Diva.

Does She Like to Perform for Guests?

All the world’s a stage to a diva dog, and every guest is her audience. When visitors arrive, a diva dog not only rushes to greet them, but tries to get them to play, demands their attention, and assumes that any lap is fair game when people sit down. After all, what’s a lap for if it isn’t her personal throne? Does she act like a complete goofball in front of your friends, performing “look at me!” tricks? Diva.

Is She Dramatic?

Overly dramatic behavior is a sure indicator of a diva dog. We’ve seen many Internet videos of diva dogs, including the pit bull that pretends to faint when his toenails are trimmed and the Frenchie who vocally “argues” with her human. Limping dramatically when not injured is one way to get sympathy points, as is pouting for long periods when she doesn’t get her way. If getting groomed leads to an Oscar-winning display of outrage, you have a diva dog.

Is She Particular?

Doggy divas are all about comfort and pleasure. Picky eaters, blanket hogs, and dogs who don’t want to get their feet wet from the morning dew all have diva potential. If your dog has diva tendencies, make sure she has the best of everything, from a plush, overstuffed dog bed for those long afternoon naps to a balanced, delicious diet of raw foods. And keep her fashion sense in mind – she’s going to want to change up her wardrobe with the seasons, so switch up those collars and make sure her winter wardrobe is refreshed every autumn.

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