Big Changes for Pupups Part One!

First of all, for those who don’t know me I’m Raina, the founder of this tiny but mighty dog gear company!

Here I am super happy to be caffeinated!

Amidst all the craziness of shortages and broken supply chains, I decided to do a 180 with Pupups and starting with our next line,

I am happy to announce our gear will be made in the USA!

Over the course of the pandemic it became clear to me that being able to pop on over to my printer’s workshop, or call the people making my materials was incredibly important.  I know my laser guy is just an hour away (an hour and ten minutes if I stop at my local coffee shop for treats!) As an artist, I am super picky on what I bring to market, and being able to make tiny adjustments with our new line is exactly what I needed. When you source materials overseas, it costs thousands and thousands of dollars even to get samples, then if you need to make adjustments its thousands again just to get the new sample. Not to mention the time to do this for a line took over a year.  That sort of timeline was driving me crazy. Luckily enough after contacting over 200 USA suppliers, I’ve found the most amazing team of artisans from printers, to laser aficionados, to raw material managers, and honestly some really great new friends. 

For Pupups this means deciding to add a second story to my bustling studio because well, I’ve run out of room! Over the Christmas holiday designers and contractors cut a giant hole in my studio ceiling and added stairs! It’s literally and figuratively the first step to a whole new adventure!  There is going to be a gorgeous open light, bright and ultra functional workshop where all the Pupups are made! The next cool thing about this means if you want your gear customized, we can do that! It’s all super exciting!  I’ll keep you all posted with the progress in stories. 

Walls came down, Doors were added, holes in the ceiling were made, new stairs go to the NEW second story!

What about new designs?

Right now, I have the next 6 designs in hand, and am working on getting them out to my amazing tester volunteers.  Once we finalize tweaking and testing, this first set will launch! I am thinking this will be mid to late March, but oh! So worth the wait! After that you can expect to see new designs each month!

What about the original gear?

Everything that has already been assembled will still be available until it sells out. Also, we are always on the lookout for shelters and rescues to send collars and leashes to, if you know one, email me!  Right now, it is in the plan to re-print the Happy Camper Buffalo plaid on the new material, but the rest may be retired to make room for new designs! 

To be continued! 

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  1. Lori H. says:

    Oh, I love the Northern Lights material! Such gorgeous colors over the pines!

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