Tips to Find the Best Dog Sitter

So you’re going on a vacation, and your beloved pup can’t come along- what now? Most dogs feel most at home in -you guessed it, their home! So one of the best options is to find a pet sitter to look after your precious pup while you’re away! But how do you know who to trust? 

Here are 5 things to look for when searching for the right person to care for your little love.  

A desire to get to know your pup!

Obviously, you love your pup to the moon and back, so it’s important whoever looks after them feels the same! Try to get a sense if your potential pet sitter has a genuine interest in getting to know your pup. A natural connection with dogs is vital. Ask yourself – are they curious about my dog? Do they say they love dogs but then come in and don’t even acknowledge my pup? It’s a good idea to meet with a possible pet sitter for a complimentary meet-and-greet. 

Observe how they interact with your dog. For example, try going for a walk during a meet and greet to see how they act- be sure to have a durable leash and outdoor dog collar in case they are a little jumpy or scared walking with a new person. 

Look for someone who treats your pet with love and doesn’t use physical punishment or force, like pulling on your dog’s leash when they take them for a walk.

Observe if the pet sitter takes notes- Do they ask questions about your dog’s eating habits and quirky characteristics? These are good signs that the sitter is really interested and dedicated to getting to know your pup and its personal needs!

Find someone you can trust

You will most likely be entrusting your spare keys to your dog sitter, so it’s essential you can trust them. Before hiring a sitter, check their references for former employment and do a background check to see if they are trustworthy. Always trust your gut if you get a negative vibe after meeting someone. 

Make sure they have a backup plan! 

Any dog parent knows that things don’t always go according to plan. So an open line of communication is essential! Make sure it’s easy and simple to contact them and be sure that you’re comfortable speaking with your pet sitter about any concerns that may arise throughout the job. Life happens- people get locked out, pups accidentally eat things they shouldn’t, and even sometimes run off (Make sure you have a personalized dog collar for your doggie with your number if the worst ever happens and they run away). Ask your potential sitter what they would do if any of these circumstances occurred.


If your work schedule is subject to change, it’s beneficial to have a flexible pet sitter who can step in on short notice. That way, if you have an important appointment or your flights are delayed when you are on vacation, you can trust your doggie will be taken care of. 

Check they are insured!

A dog sitter should have insurance – it demonstrates that they are professional and serious about their business. If something goes wrong with your pup, insurance covers both you and the sitter. If the sitter is willing to put up a contract between the two of you, defining services, pay rate, rules, and so on, that’s a positive sign!

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