The Legend of the PNW Sasquatch (and His Friendly Pup)

When the wind whirls through the tallest of trees it reveals the legends of the rainforests. Unknown to those who have never stepped foot in the rugged wilderness live elusive woodland gnomes. These magical gnomes are full of whimsy and goodness (and a whole lot of mischief.)  Those lucky enough to spot them within the misty old growth forests are sure to be filled with delight. In Washington’s Olympic Mountain Range, lush green plants blanket the ground below your boots. Above you soar some of the tallest trees in the world, making it the perfect hiding place for the legendary gnomes. It is also said that Sasquatch lives here with his dog Bettie, who has recently been spotted wearing a light blue collar with gnomes drawn upon it. Is it a magical collar? Well, yes.  It is clearly graced with some sort of enchantment that allows Bettie to play hide-and-seek (Sasquatch style) with nomads and explorers alike…mostly undetected (unless someone offers her a tasty treat!) 

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Bettie in the elusive mossy covered rainforest, near Forks WA
The coolest tree ever at Crescent Lake, do you see Sasquatch? No? Look harder!

Dogs, Sasquatch, & Gnomes of the Great North West!

Sasquatch and Bettie are the Pacific North West’s ultimate hide and seek champions. They have made their home near the Sol Duc Hot Springs where they’ve befriended the woodland gnomes. These gnomes are said to be the magic of the land, leaving traces of good luck clovers amongst the thick and lush ridges and basins. They take great pride in joining forces with Sasquatch and Bettie, spreading love wherever they go. A trio of happiness, if you will.  

If you have a weekend free, I highly suggest a trip to the Sol Duc Hot Springs, it is so enchanting and relaxing. Also, you’ll make friends from all over the world as you soak in mineral infused water. It’s a must do for visiting Washington State.

Find lucky clovers in the rainforest!

Pacific Ocean Beaches and the Treasures Within

Slightly beyond the rainforests, you can travel along Highway 101 to the Pacific Ocean beaches. If you wake with the sun (something about local coffee brew here), take a stroll along the sandy coastline keeping your eyes open for glass floats. The mysterious and magical trio of ‘Squatch, Bettie, and their gnome friend often hide these colorful glass floats for visitors to discover and enjoy. To find a float is extremely rare, so treasure it and display it for all to see. If you find one, it is yours to keep! The magic of the rainforest is infused in the glass.

Bettie searching for glass floats

honestly, look at this adorable creature! She’s an honorary dog gnome!

The Tree of Life Along the Coast of Washington State

While strolling along the sandy beaches, make sure to stop and marvel at The Tree of Life. A tree so dedicated to living it has survived storm after storm despite having no soil under its roots. It goes against all logic and science… the only explanation can be magic. Be careful and mindful of the tree, as it is a marvel of nature. Although it’s never been proven, some say that Sasquatch is the steward of the tree, protecting those that come from all over the world to see it. If you should be lucky enough to see a little white Frenchie patrolling the beach where the tree lives, you can be sure Sasquatch isn’t far away.  Nature’s miracles and the magic of the PNW make for a truly epic adventure.

Thanks to @Skandog for this amazing photo of Luna!

Surfing the Waves of La Push 

While at the coast, don an ultra-flattering wet suit and surf the bodacious waves of La Push during the week, when you won’t find too many fellow wave riders. You could run into a shark, so stay vigilant and only attempt this if you can carve a killer wave or are a strong swimmer. Sasquatch will not be too happy if he has to rescue you from the high seas.  If surfing isn’t your strong suit, walking your dog along the beach is about as close to heaven as one can get on Earth. 

It is at these beaches that Sasquatch and Bettie took inspiration to heart, and put paint to canvas to design Pupups’ latest waterproof collar design, that they aptly named Sunset Beach. It’s well known that forest dwelling creatures are wildly creative. Thank goodness!

All new, biothane leash and collar set, coming soon!

After feeling rejuvenated by the salty air, head back to the town of Forks. As elusive as Sasquatch is, Cabinland is a hidden gem in the Olympics. Diverse as the weather in the Pacific North West, these cabins are mossy-roofed, hand shingled havens. You may also see the Cabinland truck in the neighboring, sleepy towns spreading happiness wherever it is spotted.  Check out their YouTube videos showcasing their cabin builds, you’ll want to settle in with delish snacks and watch the entire series!

Check it out below!

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