The Rarely Seen PNW Dog Gnome

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know the legend of the garden gnomes. You also know that Sasquatch and his trusty sidekick, Bettie, frequently frolic with woodland gnomes. But did you know the Pacific Northwest is also peppered with adorable dog gnomes? 

Look for Dog Gnomes in Hiding

If you look hard enough, you’ll find dog gnomes residing under ferns, beneath mushrooms, and occasionally taking up residence in suburban gardens. Look for brightly colored hats lavishly decorated with trimmings like flowers and hearts. A dog gnome is almost always a Diva who loves to show off her fashion sense, so you may find one sporting a waterproof dog collar – perfect for those rainy days! And it’s so easy when you don’t have to wear clothes – just pop your dog gnome hat on, add a fabulous dog collar in coordinating colors, and you’re the coolest pup on the block! 

A Garden Gnome’s Best Friend

Almost every self-respecting garden gnome has a pet these days, and the dog gnome is the pet of choice. They are shy but playful, just like their owners. Are they purebred? They can be, but you’re just as likely to find a mixed-breed dog gnome. After all, it can be challenging to know what breed your dog gnome is when you can’t catch more than a glimpse of her slipping through the pines or playing fetch with Sasquatch and Bettie! 

Make Your Own Dog Gnome

You may not find any dog gnomes in the wild (they are skittish creatures), but now you can create your own. Our simple infographic gives you all the information you need to make an adorable dog gnome to sit on our desk, prop on your dashboard, or give to a dog-loving friend. Use lavender or potpourri to create a dog gnome that fills your home with a lovely, fresh scent while perching adorably wherever you’d like your dog gnome to hang out. 

It’s so easy to make these dog gnomes you may want to craft a whole set. Try making a few different sizes for a sweet family group that’s sure to elicit “Awww”s of appreciation. Perhaps if you place your own dog gnome in the window, one of the elusive forest or garden varieties will make an appearance to make friends!

You can get all these materials at Joann Fabric Stores, this little pup cost about $4 to make! Don’t forget to send us photos of your lil’ gnome!

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