How to Trim Your Dogs’ Nails Without the Drama

Many dogs and owners are afraid of the dreaded nail trimming day! Over time, some dogs are increasingly fearful, and many owners stop cutting their nails entirely. However, this does not have to be the case! You can train your pup to accept and maybe even enjoy nail trimmings with the right approaches!

Timing Is Key!

Before attempting to cut your dog’s nails, wait until they are completely exhausted. Don’t try to trim a dog’s nails after they just had a long nap or while you were at work. Dogs with a lot of energy are more likely to resist having their nails trimmed! Instead, do it when your dog is tired and ready to rest. It’s a good idea to trim their nails after a long walk or training sesh! The trim will go more smoothly if your dog is already at ease.


Make sure you don’t try to do everything at once when it comes to trimming your dog’s nails. Perhaps you’ve even noticed that your dog sits calmly for the first few nails before becoming agitated and struggling. So instead of trying to accomplish cutting them all, break it down into manageable chunks. It’s a good idea only to trim one or two nails at a time and do so on a regular basis. There are many advantages to this strategy, including the fact that you can achieve your goal without your dog becoming overly stressed, and you can practice more!

Good Old-fashioned Bribery

Everything goes when it comes to nail trimming. If you can think of a way to bribe or distract your dog, do it! It’s a common misconception among dog owners that food should never be used as a distraction for your pup. You should do whatever it takes to keep your dog calm and happy while getting their nails done. It’s acceptable to use bribery from time to time when it comes to your dog’s health and safety! Some dogs are so food-motivated that the rest of the world seems to drift away in the sight of a juicy piece of chicken. Try asking a friend or family member distract your dog with bits delicious treats for successful, drama-free nail trimmings. Might we even suggest bribing your pup with a shiny new Pupups collar! …maybe that won’t work as well as the chicken but worth a try! 😉

Try A Lick Mat

In addition to using special treats, a “lick mat” can be used as a variation of this idea. You can use these silicone mats for spreading food, which has various nooks and crannies. Add any dog-friendly foods your pup likes; peanut butter and yogurt is usually a big hit! You can even put the lick mats in the freezer with the treats on them so they last longer! Dogs find licking to be a very calming pastime. A lick mat is a great way to get your dog’s nails trimmed while he’s distracted by licking. If you don’t happen to have a lick mat, a little hack is to put on a durable training leash and training collar onto your pup, so you are in your control, and then put some peanut butter on your bathroom walls for optimum distraction! Here is a link to the 6 Best Lick Mats!

Use Your Phone

Almost every cellphone has a flashlight built into it. A phone can be set flat on the floor to illuminate your dog’s paws from below-  giving greater lighting. The light shines through translucent toenails, revealing the pink quick and how far back you can trim safely.

Touch & Trim Regularly! 

Paw handling and desensitizing are essential. When you give your pup pats and cuddles, touch their paws to get used to them being handled. The less regularly you clip their nails, the worse your dog will be when the time comes. A tiny clip of the nails weekly, on the other hand, will teach your dog that it is a normal part of life. If you persist, they will soon become more tolerant and might even start to enjoy their little manicures and TLC time with you. 

Clipping your dog nails is rarely an easy task, but with these tricks, we hope it gets easier and more enjoyable for both you and your best furry friend! …Now go treat yourself to a delish coffee and don’t forget the pupuccino for your pal!

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